Reason for Instrument Repair or Recalibration

    What is Occuring?

    When does the problem occur?

    Other Useful Instructions: If you are sending a speedo/instrument cluster, please contact us in advance, indicating the day of dispatch, before you send it. This is especially useful if there is a courier problem as it will organise our workload better. We will return your speedo/cluster as soon as possible. Please also note that depending on the nature of the problem, this process can take a few days. Pre-cost evaluation on repair/recalibration is $80 incl. GST. This pre-cost will be included in the total cost of repair if the customers decide to go ahead with the repair/recalibration work.

    Packing Instructions: Please ensure that you package the speedo properly and securely. We recommend bubble wrap and compressed foam. Please also pay special attention to the lens plastic and ensure that the box is not over packed.

    Legal Disclaimer: The recalibration service offered by Optimech International Ltd is for lawful calibration of repaired or replacement odometers only. When purchasing this service, the client represents and promises as a precondition to the acceptance of the service offered by Optimech International Ltd that the client shall use this service only in accordance with New Zealand law and regulations and that the client is not using the service for any unlawful purposes whatsoever. The client shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Optimech International Ltd from and against any claims, expenses, losses or damages for any unlawful use of our service in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.